Quiet Power Coaching

Unlock the clarity that helps you make better decisions, handle ups and downs and get things done with greater ease. Be more present. Feel more alive, fulfilled and excited about the future.

If you want personal growth that gets beneath the surface and takes you to a new level of wellbeing, authenticity and performance, you’re in the right place.

Quiet Power Coaching unlocks the capacity and change entrepreneurs, managers and creatives need to move forward in their work and life.

After my sessions with Caroline I felt like a weight had come off my shoulders and I had a clear sense of what to do next.” – Simon

By resolving inner conflict, uncovering what matters to you and what makes you most effective, your overthinking lessens and your performance improves.

Through a collaborative approach, coaching helps you understand yourself better, what holds you back from what you want and what is possible for you.

I provide a listening ear, perceptive questions and insightful reflections. And help you increase self-awareness, reduce stress and improve problem solving. You are more comfortable with uncertainty and clearer about next steps.

I personalise my coaching to each person and organisation – appreciating your uniqueness.

I wholeheartedly recommend Caroline. I had a series of coaching sessions with her whilst going through a significant period of transition in my life, both personally and professionally. Caroline has a real gift for asking questions that caused me to see situations in a very different, more positive light and to have those far reaching “aha” moments.” – Sally, Executive Coach

I have helped Execs have more peace of mind, entrepreneurs progress their vision, creatives unblock their writing and managers improve performance and increase confidence and results. Clients grow, enjoy their work more and move forward in their business and personal life.

When I first talked to Caroline, I instinctively knew that our work together would be different to coaching I had embarked on before.” – Liz, Client

I help people grow in a way that is right for them through:

  • 1:1 Get Unstuck sessions and 1:1 Clarity sessions
  • Ongoing personal and professional coaching
  • Bespoke Reset and Retreat days
  • Or Speak from your Heart coaching

It starts with a conversation.

If you’re unsure of direction, feeling stuck or as if you’re not performing at your best, if you want more from your work and life or simply to reset, let’s talk about how empowering personal growth can make a difference for you.

Before my sessions with Caroline, I was mentally and emotionally stuck. My self-worth was at an all-time low, my relationship with my family was on edge and my ability to make money through my barely surviving online business was key for me to change.

Working with Caroline, I experienced transformations such as my income tripling, my relationship with my child and partner improving and greater self-belief. Caroline helped me get my power back.– Elly, Business Owner

Coaching in organisations

I work with individuals and run small group workshops and ongoing coaching programmes for managers and staff to expand potential. Coaching can be on a range of subjects, from wellbeing and resilience, being more effective and the new manager, to personal leadership, personal growth in the workplace and presentation skills [see Speak from your Heart].

I help your employees enhance their performance, increase resilience and confidence and grow professionally.

It starts with a call where we explore your organisation’s goals. Then we create a bespoke programme to meet them.

“Caroline is a highly skilled and professional coach. Her uplifting coaching style is welcoming, focused, and empowering. I have noticed a shift from overthinking and procrastination toward laser-focused clear-headed action. I’m more aware of my limiting tendencies and gained actionable items for self-improvement.– Ali, former Multinational Director

Join me for an initial conversation to unlock potential.

A coaching journey with a difference – Insightful | Deep | Transferable