Speak from your Heart coaching 

Personal transformation through speaking

Speaking in meetings and presenting scares many people.

I wish I had more confidence speaking in front of others” is something I often hear.

I didn’t find presenting easy or comfortable. 

In 2022 I stood in front of 100 people and gave a TEDx talk. My body was shaking and it wasn’t an easy experience. Years before I had coached people to present but here I was struggling to connect with my content calmly.

Why did speaking create anxiety? I became curious about a more effortless and natural way of speaking and went on a journey to uncover that. Along the way, I explored concise storytelling, what enhances speaking ability and how to settle nerves. And I started combining my previous work with my new learning and helping others to be clearer and more engaging when speaking in meetings, networking and giving a talk, in interviews and sales meetings.

And thats how my Speak from your Heart coaching evolved.

I help you discover your natural, authentic speaking style, uncover your speaking strengths and share your message clearly. You connect better with your audience.

Maybe you think having an impact when speaking is only for performers and the very confident. I used to believe that. But it isn’t. We each have the ability to share in a way that impacts, moves and engages people.

If you have ever:

  • felt inauthentic when speaking and wondered how to be more yourself
  • wanted more confidence
  • to engage those you’re speaking with
  • wondered how to balance preparation with spontaneity
  • wished you could handle different speaking situations with less anxiety and more presence

I can help. I have helped entrepreneurs and professionals prepare and feel more ease about giving a talk, a parent prepare for a better outcome in a meeting with a school about her son, business owners share their message in a way that feels right for them and managers feel more confident about presenting.

“Working with Caroline enabled me to develop my speaking skills. A knock-on benefit was improving my day-to-day communication and I am able to appreciate the power of speaking. Caroline has a skill for knowing when to probe further and when to hold back. I recommend working with Caroline to anyone who is struggling to find their authentic voice.” – Fran

Let’s have a conversation about how Speak from your Heart coaching can help you with your speaking confidence and authenticity.

Coaching in organisations

Your managers are newly promoted and need to present more.

Or are not having the impact you need them to have in meetings.

Or you need them to have more clarity, engagement and impact when presenting, speaking with clients and getting their point across.

Using my 3 Cs speaking model of developing connection to the speaker, their content and who they are speaking to, I help your employees to grow professionally and meet goals with clearer, more confident speaking.

Book in a call to see how Speak from your Heart can help your people clarify what they want to say and say it in a way that connects, engages and gets results.

“I want to say a huge thank you to Caroline for our recent coaching session!

I’ve always been quite anxious when it comes to speaking, whether it’s in a room brimming with people or a cosy online networking group. Caroline helped me focus on methods to calm down before I speak and how to communicate more naturally.

I highly recommend Caroline, she’s fantastic!” – Lyndsey

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